Born in Drummonville, the 23rd of Febuary 1974, Stephane Paquette is a self taugth artist-painter, funder of AGAP (Annuaire Gratuit des Artistes-Peintres) and has participate to 20 collective exhibitions in 8 years.

Art has always been part of his life but it’s in 1999 that painting really takes a major place in is life. He is part of a collective exhibition at Société GRICS with an adaptation of Bouguereau, Psyche’s rapture, on a canvas of 48″x36″. The year 2002 has been remarkable. He particiapte to the first of three collective work for Théâtre des deux mondes (article on the front page of the paper Le Devoir the 19th of Febuary 2002). His first serie (the sterile women) is exhibitied in a gallery and he starts giving painting classes. In May 2007, he stops teaching to have more time for his art and career.

« Everything is beautiful, you only need to know how to look at it. » With his paintings, Stephane Paquette wants to show you the world his way.

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